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Kara Goldin – Trading in Her Soda Addiction For Flavored Water and Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Beverage Company Along The Way

Kara Goldin on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint Water, had given birth to her third child, lost some of the baby weight, but still found herself carrying an extra 55 pounds AND she had a serious diet soda addiction (10-12 cans a day). After seeing a physician who said he could give her a “pill” to “fix her situation,” Kara declined and decided to ditch the diet soda instead. What happened after that decision is nothing short of miraculous.

Kara has always been an incredible Moxie woman. Before starting Hint, she led AOL to a $1 billion enterprise as vice president of shopping and e-commerce partnerships. Kara is also an active speaker and writer. In 2016, she launched “The Kara Network” which is a digital resource and mentoring program for established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

She has been named Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” one of Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs,” Forbes “40 Women to Watch Over 40,” EY’s “Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Northern California,” on top of many more amazing recognitions.

You’ll love this show. Kara is quite humorous and at one point I’m laughing so hard I have tears coming out of my eyes!

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I really believed that buyers needed to catch up to where I was at prior to us really blowing this thing up. But also, the consumers really needed to catch up and there was a huge component around education that really needed to happen.” – Kara Goldin

Show Notes:

  • How befriending a store clerk at Whole Foods was a major coup
  • The TWO pieces of news she shared with her hubby that catapulted growth – literally!
  • Her BEST action steps to create a multi-million dollar fruit infused water product
  • WHY she said NO to Walmart
  • The ONE thing she had to cross off her list before giving birth to her 4th child – this segment is hilarious and gives you real insight into her determination
  • The POWER of relationships – you can hear this thread all through the interview
  • What happened when an executive from “the real thing” called her “sweetie”
  • How she stays PRODUCTIVE being a CEO of a fast-paced company and raising four children
  • And much, much more!

If we could actually get people to enjoy water again, whether it is bottled water or tap water then we could actually change health in America.” – Kara Goldin


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When somebody was so negative about what I was doing, I really saw it as ’here’s an opportunity. The opportunity is there. This guy is really not going to go into it anytime soon, so it really gives me a chance to develop it’.” – Kara Goldin