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Julie Deane (Part 1 of 2) – She Took Less Than $1000 and Turned it Into Millions (in 5 years) With the Idea for What Would Become The Cambridge Satchel Company

Julie Deane on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Grab your earbuds and get ready for one of the most transparent, refreshingly honest (and humorous) interviews you’ll ever listen to. Julie Deane, Founder & CEO of Cambridge Satchel, is funny, witty, clever and clearly quite brilliant.

This is Part One of Two episodes with this dynamo – truly an ALL ACCESS pass into the quick mind and interesting life of this amazing woman.

Julie shows up incredibly raw and transparent as she shares with us how she started her company on less than $1000 and since then, has created the Cambridge Satchel Company with 100 employees and sells her unique handbags in over 120 countries.

Starting as a simple business that would help to make enough money to send her children to private school to avoid her daughter being bullied, Cambridge Satchel Designs are now spotted in the front rows at international fashion weeks and runways. ‘A-list’ stars like Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung, and Lady Gaga love them. Because of her incredible success, Julie was the first woman to win Entrepreneur of the Year for all of Europe, and she has collected the Queen’s Award for Enterprise from Queen Elizabeth herself!

Today’s interview (Part 1) will be about the first seven years of founding and growing The Cambridge Satchel Company from scratch, and evolving it into a $65 million company! Stay tuned for next week’s episode to learn more about Julie’s growth, discoveries, and personal development as an entrepreneur.

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When you are the founder, even if you don’t know how things can be done, you still know more about your business than anyone else on the planet.” – Julie Deane

Show Notes:

  • How Julie went from selling 1 bag to 100 – surprisingly simple ‘roll up your sleeves’ advice
  • Why not knowing **the rules** in marketing actually doubled her business and brought more profit to the bottom line
  • What Julie wrote in the 300 EMAILS she sent out DAILY to gain awareness for the business
  • She thought her bags were geared to the children’s market – until Vogue came calling!
  • How Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Zoey Deschanel came to love Cambridge Satchel Bags
  • What happened when the Cambridge Satchel Bag took a trip to fashion week
  • What Julie did next after firing her unethical manufacturer (at the time she had a back order of 16,000 bags with this guy)
  • Julie’s reaction when a man called her “a stupid woman”
  • Her open & honest share about how her Biggest Challenge also turned out to be her Biggest Mistake
  • The ONE ingredient you need in your business in the early days
  • and much, much more

You can go through money so quickly if you fall into that whole thing that goes with having a big ego.” – Julie Deane

Connect with Julie Deane:

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You can kill yourself by trying to be perfect.” – Julie Deane