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Julie Deane – She Took 600 Pounds and Turned It Into a Company Valued at 40 Million Pounds Making Satchels

Julie Deane on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

I’m so excited to share this humorous, transparent, Encore Interview with Julie Deane, Founder/CEO of Cambridge Satchel. If you haven’t heard her past interviews on my podcast, I invite you to go back and listen because they are a few of the most popular episodes we’ve ever done!

We’re bringing Julie Deane back on the show today because her company, Cambridge Satchel, has had tremendous growth over the past 18 months, but not without challenges and I needed to pick her brain on how she did it.

On today’s show, Julie talks about what it really means to scale a business, when you should let go, and how to take the reins of your company back if things stray from your vision, and much more.


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It was the fact that we did everything differently from the big corporates around us, and that's why they couldn't compete with us. Because they never knew where we were going to come from next.” – Julie Deane

Show Notes:

  • WHY she needed to start a business in the first place – she had a real need
  • She had 600 pounds to invest; she needed 24,000 pounds – in 8 weeks. Yikes!
  • The FIRST step she took – so simple you’ll be shocked
  • The ONE THING to keep with you forever as an entrepreneur
  • The WORST thing that can happen to an entrepreneur
  • How she reclaimed the culture that made Cambridge Satchel an overnight success
  • The GRASSROOTS marketing that Cambridge Satchel has developed in the past 18 months
  • Julie’s SILVER BULLETS for getting through the hard days
  • And much, much more

It is a very strange smoke and mirrors kind of world that was not for us.” – Julie Deane

Connect with Julie Deane:

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I'm not going to let myself feel like a failure because what this company was set to do was to send my kids to a great school. And they have gone to a great school, so it did that.” – Julie Deane