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Julie Ciardi – Why Magnetic Marketing is Key to Success in Service Based Businesses

Julie Ciardi on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

I had the best time interviewing Julie Ciardi, Founder & CEO of Ignite Her on magnetic marketing and how she’s helping her clients stand out.

The word “alignment” kept creeping into our conversation (which you know I love!) and Julie has wonderful insight on how she went from corporate executive to groundbreaking entrepreneur.

Julie Ciardi is a business and mindset coach whose mission in life is to help other women to find lives they love to lead. Using her signature NOW Goal™️ Formula, she helps her clients wake up on Monday mornings loving what they do.

In this episode, Julie shares her professional journey from a sales and marketing vice president to an entrepreneur. She also explains what magnet marketing is and why it is important for female entrepreneurs.

Listen to this episode to learn why mindset and alignment are underrated values for women in business and the trick you need to get you through your toughest days at work.

Show Notes:
  • What it means and why it’s so key to have MAGNETIC marketing in your business
  • An ESSENTIAL ingredient to level up success
  • From feeling pressure to achieving PAINLESS profit
  • How to work from a place of VISION and intention
  • Why ALIGNMENT is a core component to your business
  • Less is ALWAYS more
  • ADVICE she really eschews when it comes to entrepreneurship
  • Much, much more…
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