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Joanna McFarland – Founder and CEO of HopSkipDrive Doesn’t Take ‘No’ for an Answer

Joanna McFarland on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

You’re supposed to be picking up one kid at soccer and taking another to karate, and you have a business meeting at the same time.

My guest today is Joanna McFarland, CEO and Co-founder of HopSkipDrive – a ride sharing service for busy families to help get their kids where they need to be.

On today’s show, Joanna talks about how she dealt with getting hundreds of no’s in the startup process. She talks about HopSkipDrive’s business beginnings, how she and her partners decided to come up with a ride sharing app in the first place, how she overcomes challenges, and a whole lot more.

I think you'll find this episode super inspiring!

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You’re going to hear hundreds and hundreds of ‘no’s', and if you really believe in it then you’re going to just keep going until you find a ‘yes'.” – Joanna McFarland

Show Notes:

  • What is HopSkipDrive?
  • Where she found her BEST places to network.
  • How to form successful business partnerships.
  • What it’s like to be a newbie entrepreneur in the App creation world.
  • How to deal with rejection.
  • Why prioritizing your family as a working mom is important.
  • How she manages a daily routine as a mom, wife and CEO of a fast paced startup.

The questions that we kept asking ourselves over and over again was – ‘what would it take for me to put my kids in this car?'.” – Joanna McFarland

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Joanna McFarland:

Facebook | Instagram |  LinkedIn | Twitter | HopSkipDrive

Hopefully I’m providing a really good example to my kids of if you see it and believe it, then you can build it.” – Joanna McFarland