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Joanna McFarland – How HopSkipDrive Literally “Hopped and Skipped” Into a *New* Market That Has Resulted Into Explosive Growth Over the Last 500 Days

Joanna McFarland on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

I'm excited to have Joanna McFarland back with us for an Encore interview! I interviewed Joanna back in October of 2017 and since that time, HopSkipDrive has literally “hopped and skipped” over their sales goals and catapulted themselves into a brand new market opportunity!

Joanna is the CEO and co-founder of HopSkipDrive, which is a safe and dependable ride share company for kids. After brainstorming with some frustrated parents at a child’s birthday party, they came up with a better way to provide transportation for their kids and HopSkipDrive was born.

On today's show, Joanna talks about how HopSkipDrive KEPT their core message while uncovering a brand-new market that was craving what they had to offer.


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Embrace it. Buy the ticket and take the ride and know that there are going to be moments when it is really hard. And know that you're going to need to over-communicate and make sure that expectations are understood and that expectations are being met.” – Joanna McFarland

Show Notes:

  • The NEW MARKET that HopSkipDrive uncovered which led them to explosive growth (this is PURE Gold)
  • The person who has had a massive influence on her life and kept her going after 100 NO’s when she first started out
  • Why SAFETY is their #1 Core Value and the 15 point system they use to ensure safety on every ride
  • The mantra that keeps Joanna going (wise words from her hubby)
  • The secret to effective communication with your team during the scale-up phase
  • And much, much more…

Everything that we had put into solving this problem for consumers made the platform very easily extensible to schools as well.” – Joanna McFarland

Connect with Joanna McFarland:

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It is really important to focus. There are so many opportunities that you can pursue and so it is really important to think about what are your best opportunities and make sure that you're really focusing on those.” – Joanna McFarland