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Finding Joy Every Day

JJ Virgin – Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert tells us why Mindset is the Key to Real Change in Every Area of Your Life

JJ Virgin on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

I’ve known JJ Virgin for 25 years, and she looks the same today as she did 25 years ago. She has spent three decades becoming the expert on health and nutrition.

JJ is the co-host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters, and she’s a health expert on Dr. Phil. As a prominent TV and media personality, JJ has been on PBS, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, Access Hollywood, and The Today Show.

She is also the author of four New York Times Best Sellers – The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. JJ hosts the popular JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show podcast, and she regularly writes for several media outlets.


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Here’s what I look for in a mentor or coach: they have to have had success and they have to have had failure, because you learn more from the failure than you do from the success.” – JJ Virgin

Show Notes:

  • Her insight on Ambition
  • WHY kids today are suffering from obesity more than ever & why genetics are NOT the only issue
  • The main ingredient you must have to be your most successful self
  • The ONE thing women need to do MORE of –this one will surprise you!
  • The real, raw truth about your sweet tooth
  • How she survived her financial challenges in business
  • Her tips to better hiring team
  • Why it’s important to have a business coach (it’s the key to her success)
  • And much,much more

Mindset has got to be the first part of anything that you’re doing.” – JJ Virgin

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The number one thing you do with weight loss it to change what’s at the end of your fork. That’s the biggest initial driver, but then to keep that weight off and not be a skinny fat, exercise is key.” – JJ Virgin