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Finding Joy Every Day

JJ Ramberg – From MSNBC to GoodPods, JJ Ramberg’s Entrepreneurial Journey

JJ Ramberg on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Today’s guest on She’s Got Moxie is an entrepreneur, public speaker, podcast host, and former anchor at MSNBC’s Your Business show. For 12 years, JJ Ramberg interviewed small business owners to find out what worked as they grew their businesses before entering into the entrepreneurial arena herself. Most recently, she co-founded Goodpods, a new social podcast app connecting friends with exciting audio content.

She and I sat down to talk about her favorite interviews from her time at MSNBC and the hurdles she had to surpass when she started her entrepreneurial journey. She also opens up about her motivation to launch the online platforms Goodshop Give and which incorporate an added philanthropic component into their basic search functions.

In this episode, JJ shares her tips for how to move through the tough days as an entrepreneur, the worst entrepreneurial advice she has heard, and why, above all, she continues to rely on her friends.

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I really love the smaller stories.” – JJ Ramberg

Show Notes:

  • How filling in as a Reporter for CNN landed her a 12-year anchor position at MSNBC
  • The LIGHTBULB moment for her Goodpods idea
  • Why Goodpods is committed to “raising all voices”
  • Her GO-TO solution for the really tough (fetal position) days
  • Her SOLUTION that’s helping Dogs in need (Visit

It's going to be hard sometimes.” – JJ Ramberg

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I love talking to strangers.” – JJ Ramberg