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Jessica Principe – From Dreading Her Shower Shave to Founder & CEO of All Girl Shave Club

Jessica Principe on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Great ideas come to many people in the shower, and that was absolutely true for the Founder & CEO of All Girl Shave Club, Jessica Principe.

All Girl Shave Club is a subscription service and online store started in 2016. In the first 12 months, the company had blockbuster growth (surpassing the six-figure mark in sales) and now serves customers in all 50 states and Canada.

What started out as a passion project to transform the chore of shaving into a treat, has become a female-focused shaving and grooming business. Ladies who join the club receive high quality, premium razors, coupled with unique, specialty shaving and body products in the mail every other month.

On today’s show, Jessica talks about her company’s rapid growth, secrets to cash flow, and her best tips for women entrepreneurs while juggling a family.


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I’m really realistic about the time that it takes to accomplish things, and that helps me stay motivated.” – Jessica Principe

Show Notes:

  • The FIRST Step Jessica took BEFORE launching All Girl Shave Club – Genius!
  • The moment she knew she was on to something
  • Her Biggest Challenge (she’s learned that every new level of growth brings a new challenge)
  • Why it’s ok to start SLOW
  • How she managed cash flow during an intense time of growth (simple, doable strategies!)
  • The time she went into what felt like a three-day coma over a difficult business dilemma
  • Jessica shares some wise words from a mentor during a very dark time
  • Why focusing on a specific niche is the key to dramatic growth
  • Her BEST advice for women who want to just Go For It (you may be surprised here)
  • Her favorite app for productivity
  • And much, much more!

There’s nothing wrong with starting your business while your working full-time, and you don’t want to quit your job too early when you’re not generating enough income.” – Jessica Principe

Connect with Jessica Principe:

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It is ok not to get everything done overnight. It is ok to take your time, to make strategic decisions and give yourself time to think through things.” – Jessica Principe