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Jessica Chang – Transforming Childcare in the US

Jessica Chang on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Jessica Chang is on a mission to transform childcare in the U.S.

She is an entrepreneur, CEO, and Co-founder of WeeCare, the largest network of childcare providers in the US (in only 5 years!). After having her first child, she struggled with navigating the childcare options available in her area and found that she was not alone in her dissatisfaction. So she decided to do something about it.

Bringing conscientious change to an industry that so desperately needs it, WeeCare is not only making affordable and world-class daycare accessible to all families, but they are also empowering individuals, especially women, by helping them start and operate their own daycare business through their “Business in a Box” formula.

Listen in as Jessica talks about her pivot during the pandemic, how to get out of bed on difficult days, and the worst startup advice she’s ever heard.

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If I could figure out how to save one school, maybe I could figure out how to save more schools.” – Jessica Chang

Show Notes:

  • How Jessica created the LARGEST Network of Childcare Providers in the US (In only 5 Years!)
  • How she UNCOVERED the biggest challenge and SOLVED it
  • Jessica shares the “Business in a BOX” Formula she developed that’s transforming the industry
  • The “Fever Free” Initiative that helped WeeCare Pivot during the Pandemic
  • Her ADVICE to entrepreneurs that will surely be unpopular with INVESTORS
  • Her DREAM to get more Employers into the Childcare Conversation
  • And much, much more!

When it comes to early childcare, it's not a one-sided problem. You've actually got to be able to sustain both sides.” – Jessica Chang

Connect with Jessica Chang:

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When I realized my own personal constraints, I actually became really interested in the early childcare space.” – Jessica Chang