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Jesse Draper – From Talk Show Host to Investing in Women-Owned Businesses Through Halogen Ventures

Jesse Draper on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

When Jesse Draper created and began hosting the 2015 Emmy nominated television series, The Valley Girl Show, she discovered something interesting; it wasn’t easy to find women in business to interview!

This ‘discovery’ ultimately led Jesse to found Halogen Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund focused on female-founded consumer technologies.

Currently, Halogen Ventures, has made some great picks with theSkimm, Carbon 38, Sugarfina, and Hop Skip Drive as part of their portfolio, to name a few.

Listed by Marie Claire as one of the “50 Most Connected Women in America,” Jesse talks networking, investor pitching tips and why the childcare industry needs a makeover.

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If it is not fulfilling one of my priorities for that particular day or week, I have to re-prioritize.” – Jesse Draper

Show Notes:

  • HOW being the creator and host of “The Valley Girl Show” illuminated some startling stats on women in business
  • The 3 ‘ingredients’ she looks for in a company when making an investment decision
  • WHY she Loves it when she doesn’t understand something
  • Her BEST Tips on pitching your idea to investors
  • The real truth about Networking
  • Why Perfection is a deal killer
  • COLD emails are not dead – Jesse has proof
  • How she kept going after hearing 110 NO’S
  • How she stays PRODUCTIVE as a mom of two under the age of 4 while running a fast-paced business
  • Jesse’s ideas for Bulldozing the CHILDCARE industry in America
  • Why networking HAS NOT gone out of style
  • Why being “uncomfortable” is the best place to be
  • And much, much more

Get out there and do it. Meet as many people as you can, and send cold emails.” – Jesse Draper

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Do something that makes you uncomfortable every day.” – Jesse Draper