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Jennifer Saxton – Founder & CEO, Tot Squad, From Cleaning Dirty Car Seats to Partnering With Walmart and Amazon

Jennifer Saxton on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

From cleaning dirty car seats to partnering with Walmart and Amazon, she’s out to revolutionize the Baby Registry Business. It all started with cleaning dirty (Eew..) car seats.

My guest Today, Jennifer Saxton, is zeroed in on the millennial mindset. “They don’t want more ‘stuff,’ they want more help, more experiences.”

With that knowledge, she created Tot Squad, a business that connects parents with the experts they need from pregnancy until early childhood.

It all started with Jennifer driving around in a van cleaning dirty car seats and today, she’s expanded the business locking arms with giants such as Walmart and Amazon.

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Finding the right people on your team is always the hardest part.” – Jennifer Saxton

Show Notes:

  • How Jennifer honed in on what millennials VALUE Most and created a business around it
  • How she CONVINCED retailers not to take a cut of her profits (Brilliant)
  • How Tot Squad changed, emerged and EXPANDED as Jennifer became a mother
  • Jennifer’s mentality on getting into stores and why that was a WIN-WIN for everyone
  • What it was like for a slice of Tot Squad to get ACQUIRED during the Pandemic
  • The incident that left her on the side of the road IN TEARS
  • How her LEADERSHIP style has evolved
  • Her advice on WHY you should keep your DAY JOB (PURE Gold)
  • The advice she wished she would have had on her FIRST DAY as an entrepreneur

When you're an entrepreneur you can't work this hard if you don't like the people that you work with and you don't like what you're doing.” – Jennifer Saxton

Connect with Jennifer Saxton:

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With my team, I really focus on honing in on what your strengths are.” – Jennifer Saxton