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Jennifer Potter – A World in Color with Fete Home


Jennifer Potter on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Would you believe that I discovered today's guest while reading the New York Times one Sunday morning?

Jennifer Potter got her start in the financial services industry and spent a decade honing her ability to understand both the operational and financial aspects of running a business.

Jennifer’s heart was drawn to color, design, and home furnishings. In 2019 she founded Fete Home, an online retailer offering textiles, home decor, and table linens. When I reached out to her company with questions about a few products I was interested in purchasing for my mountain home, their response & customer service were outstanding.

In this episode, Jennifer and I talk about books that have impacted our lives and how she was able to use some clever marketing to grow her business during the pandemic.

Show Notes:
  • How Jennifer PIVOTED from the Financial side of business to the Creative side
  • WHY we should “Get in the way of things”
  • The TRUTH about Start-Up Entrepreneurship
  • Clever & CREATIVE marketing during the Pandemic
  • A BOOK we both share in common that helps move through the really tough days
  • An EASY (powerful) way Jennifer Builds a stronger daily BOND with her children
  • Jennifer’s SIMPLE SYSTEM to stay on track while building her company & raising a family
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