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Jennifer Kaifesh – College Application Secrets and Business Tips From the Founder and CEO of Great Expectations College Prep

If you have a teen that’s in the college application process, then you’re going to love hearing from our guest today, Jennifer Kaifesh. Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of Great Expectations College Prep.

During her time as a student and working in admissions at Northwestern University, Jennifer realized the power of the written word. In 2003, Jennifer dipped her toe into standard test prep by joining a successful well-known test prep company in Los Angeles.

She quickly found that tailoring the curriculum to each students’ unique needs led to score improvements. So, in 2006 Jennifer ventured out on her own and founded Great Expectations College Prep. Great Expectations merges Jennifer’s standardized test prep experience with her insight into the college admissions and the application process.

Jennifer helps us think about how to navigate the college experience for our kids. She gives some great tips about standing out in the college application process, demystifying the ACT and the SAT, where to go to look for money to pay for your child’s education, and much more.

Click on the link below to listen in on how Jennifer Kaifesh from Great Expectations College Prep stays productive, profitable and strategic!

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Sometimes the thing you thought would work is not necessarily the thing that will.” – Jennifer Kaifesh

Show Notes:

  • How to STAND OUT in the sea of college applications
  • The easy way to de-mystify the difference between the ACT and SAT
  • Her BEST cash-flow secrets – Jennifer really takes a deep dive here
  • How her BIGGEST challenge turned into a blessing for the future growth of the company
  • Awesome tips and secrets on how to afford college for your teen (this was pure gold)
  • And much, much more

Not having a plan at the end of the day, led to a lot of stress and anxiety.” – Jennifer Kaifesh

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