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Jenn Kapahi – She Was a Make-up Product Junkie Turned CEO & Co-Founder of trèStiQue

Jenn Kapahi on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffJenn Kapahi, my guest today, has always been interested in consumer buying habits. Through her career in the makeup industry, she realized that makeup was complex, with all the different shades and colors, and women were looking for something simple – the “essentials.” This is how trèStiQue, a line of smart makeup crayons with built-in tools that fit in the palm of your hands was born.

On today’s show, Jenn talks about the concepts behind her products, her three valuable tips to achieve success in your business, ways to avoid stress and challenging times, and much more.


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You have to let yourself have a bad day once in a while, but you cannot give up.” – Jenn Kapahi

Show Notes:

  • How accepting an invitation to a holiday party opened the door to her future (Jenn talks about how this was totally out of character for her)
  • WHY staying CURIOUS has become her greatest attribute
  • The “graphics” you need to pay attention to now more than ever
  • Why the number EIGHT is so important to her and the CORE of her makeup essentials
  • She takes a very DEEP DIVE into the Action steps that have propelled their brand to success
  • Why understanding the CUSTOMER is essential to starting a brand
  • How she avoids stress in challenging times
  • The importance of being surrounded by people that trust and understand your vision

I do think that the best entrepreneurs have a very good intuition about things.” – Jenn Kapahi

Connect with Jenn Kapahi:

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If you keep going and you try, there’s a small percent chance you can still win.” – Jenn Kapahi