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Jean Freeman – CEO of Zambezi & One of the Biggest Female-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles

Jean Freeman on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffJean Freeman is at the helm of one of the largest certified female-owned advertising agencies AND one of the biggest female-owned businesses in Los Angeles.

Jean has turned Zambezi into a thriving advertising agency with a revenue of projected 75 million dollars. She’s also become a leading advocate for the advancement of women in business.

On today’s show, Jean is going to share what being a CEO in a busy city like LA really means, her best productivity tips, how she manages a growing business while being a mom to two children under the age of 13, the importance of creating a sustainable business, and her criteria for decision-making in her business. She also talks about her business experience with NBA legend Kobe Bryant and the moment she was named a “Working Mother of the Year” by She Runs It!

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In women's entrepreneurship, we get to rewrite the rules of entrepreneurs.” – Jean Freeman

Show Notes:

  • Her business partnership with NBA legend Kobe Bryant
  • Why Corporate America does not support the needs of women in the workforce
  • How entrepreneurship runs in Jean's family and what she has learned
  • The moment she recognized she was on to something with Zambezi
  • The benefits that come about when kids see their parents working
  • Tips on creating a sustainable business
  • The BEST strategy is always Actionable
  • Her advice on decision-making
  • Why Alignment is important in all aspects of business
  • And much, much moree

You are going to make some wrong calls, but that is ok, I think it’s more about how you respond to wrong calls.” – Jean Freeman

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Align yourself properly with the types of businesses that will be long-term partners.” – Jean Freeman