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Jean Chatzky – Women. Money. Investing. A real conversation about MONEY and Women with Financial Editor of NBC’s TODAY Show and Award-Winning Personal Finance Journalist

Jean Chatzky on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Today's show is all about MONEY with the financial editor of NBC’s TODAY Show (she has been on for 24 years, so you probably know her!) and AARP’s personal finance ambassador, Jean Chatzky.

Jean is an award-winning personal finance journalist and Founder & CEO of HerMoney, a multimedia company changing the relationships women have with money. You may have also heard her popular podcast HerMoney with Jean Chatzky.

On today’s episode of She’s Got Moxie, Jean shares some incredible tips and tricks to living a financially robust life.

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Start by looking at where you are today, because that it is what it takes to figure out where you want to grow and how you want to get better tomorrow.” – Jean Chatzky

Show Notes:

  • Why women need more money than men
  • The ONE thing women don’t feel comfortable with and what to do about it
  • The FIVE THINGS you can do to have a robust financial life
  • WHY physical and financial health have a lot in common & led Jean to co-authored a book with Dr. Michael Roizan (if you watch Dr. Oz then you know him!)
  • The BEST ACTION step to advance her powerful career in media
  • What she did when someone told her “you don’t have the chops”
  • The Surprising PRODUCTIVITY Tip that Jean uses to stay on top of things
  • What she wished someone would have shared with her early on in her career
  • And much, much more

As you age, good health without financial strength doesn’t work, and neither does financial strength without good health. You absolutely have to have both.” – Jean Chatzky

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I make money make sense. That is my superpower.” – Jean Chatzky