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Jean Brownhill – THE Matchmaker for Home Renovations

Jean Brownhill on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Jean Brownhill is the Founder & CEO of Sweeten, a matchmaking service for general contractors and homeowners seeking help with their renovations. Jean got the idea for the company after her own home renovation went awry. Today, a decade later, Sweeten has expanded to ten major cities across the country. Jean opens up about the time she realized she was on to something, her best simple and sweet action steps to grow a business, and her 108 daily blessings routine.

Listen in as she explains how her Sweeten accelerator for women (S.A.W.) is promoting female contractors, how she hires, and why she hires more for attitude than aptitude these days.

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It's helpful to remember that — not even how — that you got up the last time.” – Jean Brownhill

Show Notes:

  • The MOMENT she saw an opportunity (she was staring at a GAPING hole in her ceiling)
  • She was an “intrapreneur” long BEFORE she became an entrepreneur (it helped!)
  • Her Big BREAK (she had no clue & wound up in being voted “The Best of….”
  • Her biggest Challenge and what’s she’s learned from it
  • The best action steps to GROW your business
  • Something she’s definitely NOT a Fan of in the start-up arena
  • Her 108 Daily Blessings lesson she learned in Thailand
  • Why the “GRINDING” mentality doesn’t work
  • How to get up after being KNOCKED down
  • And so much more….

I was in the industry. How could it be this tough for me?” – Jean Brownhill

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One of the things we've done really well is just continue to tell success stories.” – Jean Brownhill