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Isabelle Alonso – Feminist Author and Recipient of the Medal of Honor From the French Government for Her Work on Women’s Equality

Isabelle Alonso on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Isabelle Alonso has a colorful life as an entrepreneur, feminist and author. She has published four feminists essays and seven novels including her latest novel Je Peux Me Passer De l'Aube (I can hold on without the dawn). Isabelle also appears regularly on the television series Je t'aime etc… where she is a commentator on culture and current news events.

Today's show is a real treat as Isabelle tells us about her journey working towards women's equality in France. She reframes the role of women in the workplace, what being a “feminist” actually means, the most powerful thing that a woman can do and much more.


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I do not consider myself as a woman of power. I'm not interested in power. I'm very much interested in being a woman of influence, and so that's why I write books.” – Isabelle Alonso

Show Notes:

  • How she became a symbol of Feminism in France and as a result received the Medal of Honor from the French government for her work on Women's Equality
  • The moment she realized there was an inequality (she was a young girl)
  • Isabelle's thoughts on creating a more equitable workplace for women – women are punished instead of rewarded
  • Her Best Action Steps on creating awareness for women’s equality
  • Why she has a passion for writing books and feminist essays
  • Her realization about what it meant to be a woman entrepreneur
  • Where our focus needs to be and why it’s one of the most powerful things women can do
  • The #MeToo movement and what's happening currently for women around the world
  • What feminism actually means to Isabelle

It is an individual adventure. But I really think that for women, they have to start with themselves.” – Isabelle Alonso

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All of the myth of the reality of masculinity is a prison for men.” – Isabelle Alonso