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Finding Joy Every Day

Ianthe Mauro – From SNL to Telling Stories Through Fragrance as the Founder & CEO of Objects With Purpose Candles

Ianthe Mauro on She's got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Ladies, you do not want to miss this interview. It’s real, raw and illuminating : -).

She was dealing with a serious health challenge combined with going through a divorce. Ianthe Mauro, CEO & Founder of Objects With Purpose Candles found that lighting a candle was the one action step she could take every day to soothe her soul.

But an interesting thing occurred during this time. Ianthe soon found out that the ingredients used to manufacture many candles weren’t good for her. So she did what most entrepreneurial women do; she saw a problem and she set out to solve it. It’s been over a decade now and the results have been amazing.

Ianthe’s candles have appeared in the Oscar Swag bag, The Hollywood Medium, The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Dr. Oz, Let’s Make a Deal and The Price Is Right. Her candles have become the “go to” gift in Hollywood.

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I’m allowing myself to be ok just focusing on a few things in my business rather than trying to do everything at once.” – Ianthe Mauro

Show Notes:

  • How going through both an illness and a divorce put her on a path to creating her own eco-friendly luxury candle.
  • How she made her very FIRST candle.
  • Her BEST Action Steps to be featured in major media and have her candles in over 200 stores.
  • The tried and true marketing method that got her noticed in Hollywood.
  • WHY taking imperfect Action is Key to Growth.
  • How she became known as the “scent expert.”
  • How she continues to overcome her Biggest Business CHALLENGE.
  • The MOMENT she almost gave up (this is vulnerable, transparent and involves $24 and “fancy glass” milk bottles.)

‘No’ is extremely powerful.” – Ianthe Mauro

Connect with Ianthe Mauro:

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Fragrance is an opportunity for me to tell the story in a product that is outside of me.” – Ianthe Mauro