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Guess Who’s Coming to my Align Retreat?

Ever wonder what it takes to start a successful business that attracts A-Listers and celebrities as your clients, who are clamoring to pay for your service?

Meet Laura McHolm, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing for NorthStar Moving Company, THE luxury moving company for A-Listers, movie stars and heavy hitters.



Have you day-dreamed about developing your own nutritious, healthy food product because you were frustrated with the choices at the grocery store?

Meet Gail Becker, Founder and CEO of Caulipower Pizza. Both Gail’s sons were diagnosed with Celiac disease and she decided to take matters into her own hands when she couldn’t find what she needed in the marketplace.




How about being frustrated with the way your clothes fit and you’ve dabbled at home with ideas on designing a new type of fashion?

Meet Ashley Merrill, Founder and CEO of Lunya, who was unhappy wearing her husband’s t-shirts and boxer shorts to bed. After going on a mission and finding nothing to her liking, she decided to boldly (without any design experience) create her own sleepwear for women.


These three smart, ambitious, moxie women will get up close and personal with the women at my Align Retreat coming up January 25 & 26 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to meet and listen to these trailblazers share their entrepreneurial journey in a small, intimate setting.

Join us January 25 & 26, 2018 in Westlake Village, California for my Align Retreat but HURRY…we only have a few seats left and the registration investment increases on January 3, 2018!

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