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Gail Schenbaum – How a Phone Call in The Middle of The Night Led Her to Create The Umergency App For College Students and Their Parents

Gail Schenbaum on She;s Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Mom it’s me. I’m calling from the ambulance. I’m fine. But it’s really bad.”

After Gail Schenbaum took a frightening phone call in the middle of the night from her daughter who was in college several thousand miles away, she knew she had to use her entrepreneurial spirit to do something.

Previously an award-winning producer for companies like Warner Brothers, Columbia, Universal, Walt Disney, and Paramount, Gail has always been an incredible creator who sees problems as opportunities.

With that, Gail took her frightening situation and committed to founding the Umergency app- the all-in-one emergency health and safety solution for millions of college students and their families.

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Focus on the solution, not the problem. When you start thinking creatively you begin to see other possibilities, and that may lead you to create something even better than you have right now.” – Gail Schenbaum

Show Notes:

  • HOW a phone call in the middle of the night charged her up to create the UMERGENCY App
  • Her BEST Action Steps to creating a powerful, helpful App
  • Her AHA moment
  • The SMART SHIFT she makes when feeling overwhelmed
  • Her Biggest Challenge
  • Her GENIUS Productivity Tip, “Beat the Clock.” This is Pure Gold
  • How Gail uses HUMOR to market her App
  • Her Superpower
  • The valuable lesson she learned from her father
  • And much much more

Find a support system. Don’t go it alone. Because when the chips are down, you really need support from those who believe in you and who will help you see it through with some love and kindness.” – Gail Schenbaum

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You can’t delegate unless you feel comfortable and you know you’ve got the right people.” – Gail Schenbaum