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Gail Schenbaum – Achieving Massive Growth with the Umergency App in the Last 18 Months

Gail Schenbaum on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffThis week, I'm having Gail Schenbaum, Founder & CEO of Umergency, back on the show as one of my encore interviews!

Gail was first on She's Got Moxie in March 2018 to talk about how she created the Umergency app for college students and their parents' in emergency situations.

After receiving a middle of the night phone call from her own daughter (who was in an ambulance) while she was across the country attending college, Gail knew that she had to do something to make it easier for parents to get in touch with their kids in emergency situations.

The Umergency app prepares and empowers college students, their parents, and extended families with the real-time tools they need to navigate through any emergency, health or safety situation at the touch of a button.

The content is college-specific, and comes pre-loaded with data for over 1200 colleges, including local emergency services, on-campus resources, trusted contacts, a GPS enabled urgent alert beacon, built-in access to national crisis hotlines, and the ability to upload secure copies of students’ insurance card and signed medical consent form.

Umergency removes confusion and chaos from an urgent situation, before it happens.

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You still have to go back and trust your gut. But many times, people who know a lot in a certain area bring many ‘aha' moments to you.” – Gail Schenbaum

Show Notes:

  • How Umergency has achieved massive growth in the last 18 months
  • The staggering statistics about college students and ER visits and what parents really need to know
  • The creative “gorilla marketing” that Gail is using to gain brand awareness for the Umergency App
  • Gail discusses the things you must do to get your product or service in the hands of the right consumer
  • Gail's BIGGEST CHALLENGE and how she gets through it
  • The SECRET TOOL that has positively influenced Gail's life
  • Why Gail ASKS for advice often
  • The ADVICE she would give to entrepreneurs who are experiencing growth
  • How she makes DECISIONS for the business
  • And much, much more…

No matter how fast you're moving, don't forget to take time to plan. Because you can get lost in the details (especially with technology) and there is so many moving parts.” – Gail Schenbaum

Connect with Gail Schenbaum:

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What really helps me is to connect with other entrepreneurs who are going through similar stuff.” – Gail Schenbaum