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Gail Becker – On Track to $100 Million in Just Two Years….Selling Cauliflower

Gail Becker on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffShe had no food or nutrition experience. What she did have was two sons with Celiac disease. This is another Epic Encore interview with Gail Becker, the genius, Founder and CEO of Caulipower, a company that offers tasty, affordable and nutritious alternatives to highly-processed foods.

CAULIPOWER is on track to reach $100 million this year and her pizzas are in 22,000 retail stores… on their 2nd BIRTHDAY!!! They’ve had explosive growth in the last 575 days (since she was FIRST on the show) and Gail gets real, raw and transparent about her journey so far. She’s both funny and serious about her path and her attitude is infectious.


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When you become an entrepreneur, you are betting on yourself – hook, line and sinker.” – Gail Becker

Show Notes:

  • The people she listens to most when deciding on new product lines
  • Her BEST Advice on how to handle fast & furious business growth
  • Her perspective on how to build an A+ Team
  • The Challenges that go along with being a Disrupter in your industry
  • Gail admits she has DAILY Struggles as an entrepreneur and how she copes
  • What really drives her (it’s not about Money for her)
  • Why a personal mission is important in business
  • How she went from a high-paying successful career one day to making nothing the next

You have to have people that are as passionate about the business as you are.” – Gail Becker

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Always know what you don't know and hire against that.” – Gail Becker