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Fran Maier – From to BabyQuip

Fran Maier on She's Got MoxieFran Maier’s advice is gold. As the CEO & Founder of BabyQuip, the country’s leading baby gear rental service, Fran is a powerful female entrepreneur and established trend-spotter, so she has a lot of great information to impart.

In this episode, Fran opens up about her experience pitching on the television series Shark Tank and explains why “change is always a catalyst for opportunity.”

Listen in to learn how Fran makes day-to-day decisions, why timing is crucial in business, and how confidence and vulnerability go hand-in-hand.

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Don't solve tomorrow's problem today.” – Fran Maier

Show Notes:

  • How Confidence & Vulnerability pair well together
  • The ONE Thing that gives your Biz The EDGE
  • Why understanding TRENDS are key
  • How Babyquip went from idea to over 650+ cities across the US
  • The Early days at BabyQuip
  • Her experience on SHARK TANK and What Happened Next
  • How she moves through the TOUGH Times
  • Her “5 Things” Strategy
  • Her Super Power
  • Her advice on successful CROWD-FUNDING
  • Bootstrapping versus Fundraising

I know how to build trusted brands.” – Fran Maier

Connect with Fran Maier:

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Timing really makes a difference.” – Fran Maier