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Finding Joy Every Day

Finding Joy Every Day – Why It’s An Essential Key to Your Success

Finding Joy on She's Got Moxie

In today’s episode, I share one of my recent Instagram Live sessions on Finding Joy. We’re still wandering around the earth in this “new normal” so it’s essential that, together, we find easy rituals to unearth our daily dose of JOY. This episode is all about where and how to find joy every single day, discovering what you are deeply aligned with, and the three steps that I use to stay aligned.

Listen in to find out why you should recommit to finding joy every day, why failing to do so will cost you clients and team members, and what joyful leadership looks like.

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What is it we want to model for our children?” – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • The ONE thing that CAN move mountains in your life
  • How to Find Joy Every Day
  • What the “lack of JOY” in your life is COSTING you
  • Joyful LEADERSHIP – do you have it?
  • 3 Steps to ALIGN your life for what UNIQUELY Matters to you
  • Why AWARENESS is a daily commitment
  • Daily Rituals that Protect You
  • Easy TIPS in just 15 MINUTES that you can use NOW for Daily Renewal
  • The VARIANT you need to be avoiding (besides COVID)
  • Your most VALUABLE ASSET
  • The FACTS about where 95% of your “HAPPY VIBES” live and what you can easily do to feed them
  • And much, much, more

Finding joy is as essential as having a marketing plan.” – Joy Chudacoff