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Eva Yazhari – The Good Your Money Can Do


Eva Yazhari on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff


Today I speak with Eva Yazhari, author of the new book, The Good Your Money Can Do, about investing with a “conscience.”

Eva is also the CEO and founder of Beyond Capital, an early-stage impact venture capital fund.

Eva defines conscious investing, what you should be thinking about when you make investments, her favorite books, and the most important asset you have when it comes to raising money for your business.

I hope you enjoy my conversation as much as I did with Eva Yazhari.

Show Notes:
  • The turning POINT in her career which led her to start her own fund
  • A KEY Question to ask before Investing
  • The Difference between IMPACT & CONSCIOUS Investing
  • Tips for defining your financial VALUES
  • Why PERFECT is the Enemy of GOOD
  • How to get through the really TOUGH Days
  • Why do we all need a “SPIRITUAL GYM”
  • THE One KEY INGREDIENT all founders NEED
  • Eva's advice for female entrepreneurs
Connect with Eva Yazhari:

LinkedIn | Instagram | The Good Your Money Can Do

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