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Esther Crawford – Selling Her Squad App to Twitter

Esther Crawford on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffThis week’s guest, Esther Crawford, was the CEO and Co-founder of the Squad app when it was acquired by Twitter back in 2020. I admire her transparency as she talks with me about her journey to break the cycle of poverty that she grew up in and why her curiosity has driven her forward at such an impressive speed. We discuss what it’s like to consider selling your company and what happens after your business gets acquired. She is aligned, grounded, and a deep thinker. It was a pleasure to sit down with her and explore the entrepreneurial journey with her.

Listen in as we talk about the inner journey of an entrepreneur, why launches are really important in business, and why we should never work in stealth mode.

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At every step along the way, I just followed what I was really deeply curious about.” – Esther Crawford

Show Notes:

  • How the inspiration to Pivot came from her Pre-Teen Daughter
  • It’s OK not to know everything; Their FIRST Idea FAILED
  • How DOUBT clouded her thoughts right before they Pivoted to their BIG IDEA
  • The DANGERS of Stealth Mode and WHY Launching in “PUBLIC” is better & FASTER
  • Why the FEEDBACK Loop is critical to an entrepreneur
  • What growing up in a cycle of extreme POVERTY taught her
  • The “Process” of selling her App to TWITTER
  • The STORY of her Name:  This is so POWERFUL
  • Her BEST Advice when making the decision to take the entrepreneurial JOURNEY
  • And so much more!!!

The reality of building something and launching something requires that you get feedback.” – Esther Crawford

Connect with Esther Crawford:

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I learned a lot of things on the ground and on the fly versus having had the background in school or in my family.” – Esther Crawford