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Emily Raiber – Media Expert & Entrepreneur on Using Social Media to Enhance Your Business

Emily Raiber on She's Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Emily Raiber, Founder & CEO of Emily Raiber Media, is an award-winning media professional with over a decade of experience producing television programming and content in both news and entertainment. She has worked with NBC, CNN, and FOX. As an experienced television professional, she has produced national, cable, live, local, and broadcast network programs.

She decided to hang her hat in the entrepreneurial arena and use her genius to help entrepreneurs expand their brand using the power of social media.

On today’s show, Emily shares that even though she worked for some of the most powerful networks in New York, she knew entrepreneurship was in her future. She also talks about how she harnessed the power of Instagram early on, her thoughts on the TikTok app, tips on how to get more attention on Instagram, advice for pricing your services, the importance of finding your team and so much more.

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If you are doing a little bit on all of those channels and really not succeeding in any of them, you need to scale back and concentrate in one that will give you results.” – Emily Raiber

Show Notes:

  • How to use social media to ENHANCE your business
  • Her best advice on where to FOCUS your energy when it comes to social media – PRICELESS!
  • Her thoughts on WHY it’s Essential to price your products and services well
  • The BEST social media platform to use for your business
  • Her 4 TOP TIPS to attract attention and gain followers on Instagram
  • How and why HASHTAGS are key
  • Her advice on what to do when you feel like giving up – PURE GOLD!
  • The challenges working mothers are facing trying to run a business while NAVIGATING online school for kids
  • The SILVER Lining she has discovered in 2020

A lot of things will come up and you have to move on from them very quickly and bounce back.” – Emily Raiber

Connect with Emily Raiber:

 Instagram | Emily Raiber Media

You have to find your joy and you have to be present for your family.” – Emily Raiber