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Finding Joy Every Day

Finding Joy in Your Social Media with Emily Raiber

Emily Raiber on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffToday's episode is taken from my Instagram Live Finding Joy Every Day series. I had a great conversation with Emily Raiber, of Emily Raiber Media & Digital Marketing. She leverages social media to promote her clients' personal brands for maximum growth.

In this episode, Emily and I talk about how women entrepreneurs can power down and still feel successful online growing their brand and how we can make navigating social media easier and more joyful. We also talk about the value of freebies for growing your business and what social media questions she gets asked the most.

Listen in to learn what steps you can take online to see your followers truly happy, engaged, and coming back.

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Use whatever you're doing and repurpose it for different channels.” – Emily Raiber

Show Notes:

  • What’s NEW in 2022 when it comes to Social Media?
  • How to improve your social media presence
  • How to increase your social media following
  • How many times per day should you post?
  • Where you should focus your time for profitable results
  • Easy Tips to Re-purpose your content (GENIUS!)
  • How to work SMARTER not HARDER building your Social Media
  • Why Video is so important for businesses in 2022
  • The “secret” to increasing your LinkedIn engagement
  • Are LinkedIn ads really worth the money?
  • Do we need to be on TikTok? What WORKS & what doesn’t
  • The importance of POWERING DOWN – Yes, put the phone away!
  • Using influencers to promote your business
  • The BEST time of the day to post on social media
  • A BIG TIP on how to successfully use your BIO on Instagram to gain more business s

The more video the better.” – Emily Raiber

Connect with Emily Raiber:

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The more you can stay in your lane and focus on yourself, the more you'll be successful.” – Emily Raiber