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Emily Groden – How Watching a Netflix Food Show Led This Attorney Away From The Courtroom & Into The Kitchen

Emily Groden on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Emily Groden, Founder & CEO of Evergreen, typically worked late at her law office in Chicago most nights, however, one evening she found herself at home watching a food show on Netflix.

What happened next changed the entire course of her career…and it involved sending a “cold” email to someone.

Fast forward to today, Evergreen, launched in early March 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and is now in more than 49 Whole Foods locations in the Midwest, as well as many other Midwest stores.

On today’s show, Emily tells us all about her emotional journey of being in a start-up, why she started to distrust processed food, and how the show Chef’s Table changed her life. She talks about the importance of endurance, how her professional swimming background helped her in her life, and much more.

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I feel really lucky to have worked in a start-up environment prior to starting Evergreen myself.” – Emily Groden

Show Notes:

  • The story of how a late night “COLD” email changed her career trajectory
  • Why you should pay attention to CLUES (she had them along the way but ignored them)
  • The QUESTION you need to ask yourself before every business move
  • The story of the LAUNCH moment (a paper bag, paper plates, utensils and her toaster)
  • The QUICK decision she made when ALL Manufacturers said “NO”
  • Simple, NO-COST Tips on gaining Brand Awareness in a Start-up
  • How she gets through the really tough days – she shares the “Emotional Journey U”
  • Her Best ADVICE on just getting started (it involves a homemade jam story)

Building a start-up business is not a sprint, is a marathon.” – Emily Groden

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Define your principles on day one and then stick to them.” – Emily Groden