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Ellie Kanner and Lisa Solomon – Creating Their Own Game Plan

Rainy afternoons can be challenging for moms with small children. Ellie Kanner was dealing with a rainy afternoon trying to keep her boys occupied when she got a BIG Idea. That’s when she immediately called her friend Lisa Solomon.

Ellie Kanner and Lisa Solomon met through their pre-school-aged boys, and later they came up with the idea to create The Game Plan Game, a game that helps children ponder the bigger questions in life.

Ellie is a renowned leader in the entertainment industry working as a talent agent, casting director, producer and director. She was responsible for casting the television pilots for “Friends,” “Sex and the City,” “Drew Carey,” along with a long list of other films that are household names. Recently, Ellie directed all 10 episodes of the short film series “Dropping the Soap” (for which Jane Lynch won an EMMY).

Meanwhile, Lisa is currently the Regional Manager for Los Angeles at Common Sense Media, the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. Prior to working with Common Sense, Lisa was a television producer with both CNN and CNBC Asia, based in Hong Kong. She started her career working for Nightline at ABC News.

They join me on today’s show to give some amazing tips about working together as co-founders, how they pulled off this project on top of their busy lives, and more.

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We’ve had our moments when one of us may be down and another one may be up, and that’s the joy of our partnership.” – Lisa Solomon

Show Notes:

  • ONE essential you need on board to prevent you from giving up when you feel like throwing in the towel
  • Tips on how to make time to work on your passion project when you have super busy careers and a family
  • The SECRET to having a successful business partner
  • How to use “time cracks” to maximize your productivity
  • The ironic business advice that helped immensely
  • Important information to know before taking on a business partner
  • and MORE!

We knew what we wanted to do, but we didn’t know how to do it. And then at some point, you have to sort of take of breath and say ‘ok, what is the goal? What is the mission? What is the game plan?’, and that really helped us when we figured that out.” – Ellie Kanner

Connect with Ellie & Lisa:

Ellie Kanner | Lisa Solomon | The Game Plan Game

You may have 10 minutes in the car or 30 minutes between dinner and whatever you’re doing, and just really take advantage of those and think about what you can do in those time cracks to be more productive.” – Lisa Solomon