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Finding Joy Every Day

Elizabeth Winkler – Psychology Expert on Mindfulness, Coping With Divorce, And The Creator of The Heart Surgery Kit

Elizabeth Winkler on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Have you ever taken a ‘noticing’ break? Maybe you should. Today, my guest, Elizabeth Winkler shares how mindfulness can lead to greater productivity and better relationships.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Elizabeth provides counseling to individuals, couples and families throughout Los Angeles. She has provided therapy on Bravo and OWN, and she is a featured blogger on Laura Wasser’s divorce platform, It’s Over Easy.

In addition to all of her media work, Elizabeth is the founder and creator of the mindfulness process, Heart Surgery, which empowers children to mindfully process emotions from their heart.

Actually, she is traveling to Sierra Leone to deliver the kits to children there and she talks about that on today's show.


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Everything that I’ve created has been born out of my own challenges, which is kind of how it works.” – Elizabeth Winkler

Show Notes:

  • WHY Mindfulness is the “bullet train to freedom”
  • Elizabeth’s process of “mindful untethering” from divorce
  • The key to moving out of fear and into your own personal POWER
  • Why the word “ALIGNED” has been a huge key to her success
  • The best ACTION STEPS to get media attention for business
  • Her Biggest challenge as a woman entrepreneur
  • Details on how her heart surgery kit is helping empower children
  • The BEST Tip to starting your day
  • Why it’s ok not to know something
  • The importance of a morning routine

The way in which you start your day is so important.” – Elizabeth Winkler

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My advice is to make friends with the unknown.” – Elizabeth Winkler