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Edith Dorsen – Founder of the Women’s Venture Capital Fund – Getting Funding Into The Hands of More Women Entrepreneurs

Edith Dorsen on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

FACT: 95% of venture capital is granted to companies where senior leadership does not include any women.

My guest today, Edith Dorsen, along with her partner, got mad and then they got busy taking action to change this statistic.

On today’s show, Edith talks about how she started this business, tips for the best pitch, the most challenging moment in her career so far, and more. 

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The singular most important thing to execute on a good idea is having a core team around you because no successful company is built on the back of a single individual.” – Edith Dorsen

Show Notes:

  • How many “pitches” VC’s hear before choosing ONE
  • HOW to make your entrepreneurial idea more “Venture Worth”
  • The MOST important ingredient for a successful pitch (HINT: it’s not the Big Idea)
  • The UPS & DOWNS of dealing with partnerships and GREAT advice for those seeking partners
  • The most CHALLENGING MOMENT in her career thus far
  • Typical advice that a lot of startups are given that she doesn’t agree with
  • What type of entrepreneurs work with the Women’s Venture Capital Fund
  • Her BEST Book Recommendation
  • And much, much more

When you build companies that include a diverse senior leadership, you’re building stronger companies that perform better.” – Edith Dorsen

Connect with Edith Dorsen:

LinkedIn | WomensVCFund II

The decisions need to be weighed properly and probably made more slowly before you make a commitment that takes a long time to unwind if it's not the right one.” – Edith Dorsen