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Dr. Renee Dua – The Founder and CMO of Heal, the NEW On Demand App That Brings the Doctor to Your Front Door

Dr. Renee Dua on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Knock, Knock! The Doctor is here! After a scary experience (and an 8-hour wait in the emergency room) with her then seven-month-old son, my guest today, Dr. Renee Dua, decided there must be a better way to see a doctor when you need medical care. From there, was born.

Dr. Dua is a licensed physician practicing nephrology, internal medicine, and hypertension. She created Heal to make life easier for busy parents and adults to get world-class primary care in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their home or office.

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This is a problem that no one has really solved before. The idea that you deliver “on demand” a professional that is highly skilled. No one has solved that problem, and that is a problem that we are trying to solve in this company.” – Dr. Renee Dua

Show Notes:

  • How the Heal App brings a doctor to your home
  • How she made the move from being a physician to a Founder of an On-Demand App company
  • Her Biggest Challenge in running a digital App company
  • Why every Heal doctor shows up at your door with a medical assistant
  • Why the ER is actually the WORST place to be when you are sick
  • Her BEST Action Steps to growing an online platform
  • How she manages CASH Flow decisions
  • How she handles Frustration
  • Her TIP to gain perspective and live in the moment
  • Her Best ADVICE on what to do when someone says NO to your idea
  • And much, much more…

The way we spend money – we are responsible, we are thoughtful, and we make mistakes. I’ll say that and I’m sure every business owner does, and I am no different. I make lots of mistakes and it is a bummer. We have to learn from those mistakes and not make them again.” – Dr. Renee Dua

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If I can make it through the next 5 minutes, then I can make it through the next hour, and I can make it through the next day. That’s how I look at frustration in general – I try to get through little bits at a time. And then suddenly before you know it, you get some good news.” – Dr. Renee Dua