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Dr. Heather Kunen – Co-Founder of Beam Street, the Walk-In drybar for Oral Wellness

Dr. Heather Kunen on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffMy guest today, Dr. Heather Kunen, is a Co-Founder of Beam Street Dentistry.

Her infectious energy and can-do attitude is a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Heather Kunen started her career working as an orthodontist, but early on, she recognized that there was a market for just the top three most-requested dental services – clean teeth, white teeth, and straight teeth. Heather and her co-founders were able to create a business model that focused on offering ONLY these three services at an affordable price.

Beam Street is the first dental “studio” in New York City which makes going to the dentist easy, affordable, convenient, and quick. They took a page from the drybar and their motto is: Clean teeth. White teeth. Straight teeth. That’s it. They figured if it worked for hair, it might work for teeth too!

On today’s show, Dr. Kunen shares with us the challenges of starting a new business, why it is so important to understand what the consumers want, the actions steps she took to grow her business, her marketing tactics, and more.


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The key is figure out who are we targeting, and then, how do we best way reach those people?” – Dr. Heather Kunen

Show Notes:

  • Her “lightbulb” moment that led to rapid-fire reach and quick brand awareness with their target market
  • She knew her target markets problem and she figured out a solution
  • The importance of listening to consumers
  • The concrete steps that lead to a greater goal
  • The challenges of developing a new idea
  • How to recognize a new business opportunity
  • Ways to adapt your business model in difficult circumstances

Taking small concrete steps towards an ultimate goal I think is the most effective way to get something accomplished.”- Dr. Heather Kunen

Connect with Dr. Heather Kunen:

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It is important to find your voice, stick to your voice, and be confident in yourself.” – Dr. Heather Kunen