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Dr. Anne Hancock – Scaling an “Unscalable” Bootstrapped Business

Anne Hancock on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

I’m delighted to share my guest, Dr. Anne Hancock, with you today. I’ve known Anne for over twenty years.

Anne is an outstanding marriage & family therapist and I would argue an even BETTER entrepreneur. Many therapists have their own private practice and work by themselves, but Anne knew that she wanted something different – something bigger that could affect more people in a positive way.

She rolled her sleeves up, surrounded herself with all the right people and scaled a typically “unscalable” bootstrapped business from one therapist to many. Anne created The Wellness Counseling Center, which is a thriving center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On today’s episode of ‘She’s Got Moxie,’ Anne talks about how she grew the business, her best action steps to scale, advice on this pandemic time, and more.


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Taking care of myself on a daily basis comes first.” – Dr. Anne Hancock

Show Notes:

  • How Anne went from a “flip phone & a pencil” to catapult her idea for Wellness Counseling Center
  • How Anne’s biggest CHALLENGE became her greatest Ally
  • The #1 feeling you need at your CORE to become WILDY successful
  • Anne’s TIPS to improve your health and relationships during the pandemic
  • Anne’s Best ACTION steps to grow to scale
  • How she filled her calendar and created a WAITING LIST
  • The WORD she hears thrown around loosely in her industry that worries her
  • How to build an amazing TEAM that helps the business succeed

I'm not afraid of having people around me who are smarter than I am.” – Dr. Anne Hancock

Connect with Anne Hancock:

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We let the client be the expert, and we are their coach.” – Dr. Anne Hancock