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Dr. Amy Kramer – She Saw a Great Opportunity After Her Own Dog Had Surgery and Beach Animal Rehabilitation Was Born (BARC)

According to pet care industry research in 2016, health care services for pets was nearly $16 billion dollars and growing.

After her dog had surgery, Dr. Amy Kramer, a physical therapist, saw that what she does with her patients every day would be a great rehab solution for her dog. The physical therapy worked and Amy couldn’t stop thinking about all the vets performing surgery across LA and how those dogs would need her physical therapy treatment. This lead Dr. Kramer to open the doors to Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC) which works to incorporate rehabilitation techniques so that pets can get well again.

On today’s show, we’ll talk about how Dr. Kramer got started in her now very successful business, her BEST tips for growth, how she deals with employees, her #1 productivity tip, what she thinks about the NBA finals, and more. 

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I really strive to make sure that my employees are happy and I ask all the time, ‘what can I do to make your job easier for you?’.” – Dr. Amy Kramer

Show Notes:

  • The moment Dr. Kramer realized she was on to something BIG
  • Her BEST marketing techniques that contributed to BARC’s success
  • Her best ACTION Steps – the power of the “before & after”
  • Simple, down-to-earth marketing tips that paid huge dividends!
  • Her Biggest Challenge
  • The ONE ingredient every entrepreneur needs to have on board to hit their highest productivity levels
  • Dr. Kramer describes a time when she really wanted to give up and what she did instead of giving up!
  • The vision Dr. Kramer kept in mind when money was tight
  • The counter-intuitive productivity tip that makes ALL the difference
  • What Dr. Kramer REALLY thinks about the NBA finals
  • Much, much more

If I don’t get good sleep, no matter what those things are that are going on in my head, I’m not going to do those things well if I’m not well rested.” – Dr. Amy Kramer

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Just don’t be afraid to ask for help, because it is out there.” – Dr. Amy Kramer