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Demi Marchese – She Went From Selling Vintage “Thrasher” Shorts at Her Mom’s Kitchen Table to Over $1M in Sales and Nearly 100K Followers on Instagram

Demi Marchese on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

After missing a critical phone call with Nasty Gal and dealing with a boyfriend breakup, Demi Marchese felt a bit lost…but really… it was a new beginning.

Demi decided to start her own little venture by selling vintage “thrasher” shorts in her mom’s kitchen. The endeavor quickly turned into building 12th Tribe, which (three years later) generates over a million dollars in revenue. And guess what? She is only 25 years old!


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I face challenges every single day of my life. I think if I’m not facing a challenge, the growth is stunted, there is an issue.” – Demi Marchese

Show Notes:

  • How Demi went from meeting people in a Whole Foods parking lot to having her own showroom in downtown LA.
  • How she took $1000 and turned it into 1M in Revenue (in only 3 years!)
  • The challenges of building and scaling a business (Demi is so transparent here – just loved it!)
  • How participating in Gymnastics as a child has helped her in business
  • Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship
  • How missing an important phone call actually led to huge success
  • The WORST advice she hears being given in the start-up arena
  • Why she got into the Subscription Box Model
  • And much, much more!!

I’ve tried to encompass the tribe into the whole story and really make them feel a part of it, and I think that might be an exciting factor.” – Demi Marchese

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You have to just remember that there are always going to be valleys, but there is always going to be a peak at the end of the valley.” – Demi Marchese