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Danone Simpson – From The Set of Hit TV Show Dallas to Forbes, “Women in Power”

Danone Simpson on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffI’m really excited about today’s guest, Danone Simpson, the founder and CEO of one of the 25 Fastest Growing Insurance Companies in Los Angeles.

While I was preparing for this interview, I found another cool new tidbit of information about Danone; did you ever watch the TV show, Dallas? Danone played the secretary (Kendall) on the show! When I was in college, this was my favorite time of the week. I'd grab a bag of Doritos and a Big Gulp, plop down in my bean bag chair in my dorm room and forget about tests and term papers.

Today, Danone is an extremely accomplished businesswoman, being selected by Forbes Magazine as one of their “Women in Power” in Southern California.

On today’s show, Danone shares a story about how she “begged” her way to the front of a casting call (there was a line of 250 women in front of her). She also shares her best action step to gain momentum in business, how her company became No. 1 in the “Best Place to Work 2017: Small Companies” in the Los Angeles Business Journal, how being an actress on a hit show helped her become a better business owner, how she manages cash flow, plus much more.

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If you make room for the big rocks, the sand just filters in between.” – Danone Simpson

Show Notes:

  • How to keep your team/employees connected to your mission & vision
  • When you should consider borrowing money
  • How an acting career can prepare you to be an entrepreneur
  • Why it’s important to look forward when accessing your cash flow
  • Dealing with cash flow in a small business
  • Her greatest influencers
  • Who she listens closely to when making decisions

Ultimately, I am going to achieve my goals through others. I became a master delegator because of time management.” – Danone Simpson

Connect With Danone Simpson:

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It’s surrounding yourself with people who are going to support you and prop you up.” – Danone Simpson