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Critical Moment #2 – When Your Client Needs You More Than Ever

Yesterday, I shared Critical Moment #1 with you on how you can convert more sales and get new clients fast by simply using the 24 hour response rule.

Critical Moment #2 is just as important.  You have a new client or customer – now what?

Right after the purchase – When your customers have spent money with you, it’s important that they are reassured that they made the right decision, are going to get their money’s worth, and can relax and get excited about what’s in store for them. If you leave them with a gaping hole that doesn’t confirm anything, they’re going to start filling up the empty space with their own emotions, which could be buyer’s remorse, fear, anxiety, dread, guilt.

It’s up to you to reach out and acknowledge them for their time and investment, and remind them why their decision to work with you is going to pay off.

Here are a few ways to reassure your clients after they’ve purchased with you:

  • Send them a Thank You card, with a handwritten note via snail mail.
  • Create a Thank You email that confirms their purchase, let’s them know what they’re going to receive, and when they can expect it. You can also add a line that explains what the charge is going to look like on their credit card statement. “Within 7 business days, you’ll receive a charge from XYZ, Inc. on your credit card statement.” The idea here is you are showing complete transparency and building trust. You can also insert a few testimonials to reinforce the idea that others have purchased from you before with great results, and they are in good hands.
  • Send a Next Step email that acknowledges that they are “in” with you, and gets the ball rolling so they feel the momentum of their purchase. This could be setting up an initial call to go over a project, or the access details to your password-protected website or materials, or giving them the bonus you promised them.

When possible, the above items should happen no later than an hour after their purchase. This is why creating a system around this is so critical. That way, you’re closing the loop on autopilot, whether it’s a pre-loaded email, or hiring an assistant to help you execute your follow-up in a timely manner.

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