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Courtney Feider – Unpacking the Power of Enneagram

Courtney Feider on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffHave you heard of Enneagram? I had not until recently and today’s guest, Courtney Feider, is here to talk about how key this is for entrepreneurs and leaders. Courtney is an executive coach and the co-founder of Wild Enneagram Love and its WEL Method. In this episode, she shares the theory and assessment of enneagrams and how they can work for individuals and even couples. She also opens up about her big turning point when an unfortunate carjacking led her to a career in coaching.

Listen in as Courtney discusses what she relishes about her most difficult days as an entrepreneur, her favorite outlets, and the reason why she spends so much time outdoors.

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I know for a fact that I've gotten in my own way over the years.” – Courtney Feider

Show Notes:

  • How a CARJACKING led Courtney to coaching
  • What is Enneagram anyway? (There are 9 Types)
  • How AWARENESS is key to decision-making
  • Why knowing your Enneagram NUMBER can help the growth of your business & leadership skills
  • Courtney shares what “my” number MEANS
  • Courtney’s biggest challenge as an Entrepreneur
  • How Courtney handles her toughest days
  • Why you need BOTH Expanders & Containers in your business
  • And much, much more

We wanted to really make emotional intelligence tangible.” – Courtney Feider

Connect with Courtney Feider:

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It set me on a course of clearing away what didn't matter and getting very specific about how I was going to show up in my own work by first showing up as myself.” – Courtney Feider