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Cathy Deano – How a Blank Canvas & Paint Turned Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Cathy Deano was looking for “something to do” post Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. After befriending the co-room mom in her son’s kindergarten class, the two women purchased some art supplies and hosted an art class in Cathy’s barn behind her home. What happened after that first class is quite remarkable.

With 340 franchise locations nationwide (& growing!) and now a multi-million dollar operation, Painting With a Twist is the #1 Franchise in its category.

What I think you’ll pick up on is Cathy’s brilliant ‘simplicity’ on how she and her partner Renee, grew the franchise so organically.

You’ll love this episode. Cathy is funny and her advice is down to earth with not to be missed gold nuggets. Be sure to listen all the way to the end. The gold nuggets keep coming right up until the recording stops!


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You can’t do everything mediocre. You’re going to have to do a couple of things exceptionally well.” – Cathy Deano

Show Notes:

  • WHY her partner Renee’s drinking coffee in the same coffeeshop for over 20 years proved to be liquid gold
  • How they boot-strapped their business in the early days when it comes to cash flow
  • The SECRETS to a good business partnership
  • Their BIGGEST challenge
  • The DECISION they made at the crossroads that helped them Explode rather than Implode
  • The WORST advice Cathy hears being given to Women Entrepreneurs
  • Her Superpower
  • And so much more!

I think productivity really depends a lot on the people you surround yourself with. So we talked about people smarter than you, but I am saying people more organized than you are too.” – Cathy Deano

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It’s just about getting people around you that know more than you do, but at the same time, protecting your culture.” – Cathy Deano