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Finding Joy Every Day

Cathy Alessandra – Serial Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of YES I CAN!

Cathy Alessandra on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Cathy Alessandra, is the real definition of a serial entrepreneur who has started and built several successful businesses to help women and families.

Cathy started her very first business in 1995 out of a need she saw in her community. From there, she caught the entrepreneurial “bug.”

Along the way, Cathy faced some life altering moments which included her son’s struggle with substance abuse, challenges in her marriage, and personal health concerns. She overcame those challenges by using her “YES I CAN” mantra and her daily rituals. Now, she has turned her mantra into a business, and she is currently the Founder & CEO of YES I CAN coaching.

On today’s podcast, Cathy talks all about her experience coaching women, the philosophy behind YES I CAN, her best productivity tips, and much more.


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It was all built on a need of my own and figuring that other people needed it as well.” – Cathy Alessandra

Show Notes:

  • Great examples on Pivoting in business
  • The personal tools she used to move through a health challenge, her son’s substance abuse and an unraveling marriage – all at the same time
  • Cathy’s SECRET to overcoming challenges
  • The moment she got the idea to birth YES I CAN
  • Which daily routines helped her achieve success
  • Why Strategic YES’s and Abundant No’s have become a guiding light
  • Cathy’s best productivity tips as an entrepreneur
  • The Worst advice she hears in the Start-up arena

As my business has grown, I need to think ahead of the curve and outside of the box.” – Cathy Alessandra

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Don't worry about all the others. Be focused on who you are so that you attract people that are meant to work with you.” – Cathy Alessandra