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Finding Joy Every Day

An opportunity of a lifetime. Nearly LOST.

Recently, someone I care deeply about, nearly missed an opportunity that COULD affect their potential future. You know what the error was? Lack of follow-up. Follow-up is something that anyone can do. It doesn’t matter how much (or how little) education you have, it doesn’t discriminate, and it levels the playing field. Here’s another (deeper) […]

An Audio Message From Joy

As I was out walking the bluffs this morning, I started thinking about YOU, so I decided to record a quick audio message to let you know that people are raving about my FREE call and remind you there is still time to sign up for today’s teleseminar!  Yep, I’m doing an encore.  I’m sharing […]

Critical Moment #4 – When They Need a Nudge to do Something

Today is the 4th and final critical moment when your client needs you. Followup is essential and here’s a great tip on how to let people know you really care about them and stay in touch. When they need a nudge to do something— There is a marketing rule that states that a person needs […]

Critical Moment #3 – When Your Client Has a Complaint

Today, I want to share a very important critical moment when your client really needs you. This is the one moment I find many entrepreneurs shying away from and it’s crucial to your long-term relationship and potential future referrals. When they have a complaint/want a refund – It’s often said that how you respond to […]

An Audio Message From Joy

I’m under the weather today (excuse my reference to 2012! Instead of 2016 in the audio :)) but I wanted to send you a quick audio (under 5 minutes) about my upcoming FREE call next week. I’m sharing my best stuff on this call – guaranteed! ~ Joy

Critical Moment #2 – When Your Client Needs You More Than Ever

Yesterday, I shared Critical Moment #1 with you on how you can convert more sales and get new clients fast by simply using the 24 hour response rule. Critical Moment #2 is just as important.  You have a new client or customer – now what? Right after the purchase – When your customers have spent […]

4 Critical Moments When Your Clients Need You More than Ever

I’m guessing you want 2016 to be even better when it comes to sales and income so over the next week,  I’m going to be sending you 4 short, easily digestible, essential tips on how you can show up for your client in 2016 and increase your sales conversion once and for all. This can […]

The ONE Thing You Need to Succeed in 2016

Ladies, I’m going to come out with something that I think we’re all feeling these days… As a woman entrepreneur, there is nothing more draining than hearing about yet another bright, shiny tactic to grow your business today. You want to be at the top of your game, but it seems like unless you sit […]