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Finding Joy Every Day

2021 Will Favor Female Entrepreneurs ALIGNED in Their Power

It’s a fresh, New Year. I’m both eager and enthusiastic about all the possibilities. Are you looking for the support of other established women entrepreneurs? Women that are positive, forward thinking, resilient & obsessively optimistic? We’ve got you covered in my private online membership community, ALIGN online. We’re gearing up for an exciting 2021 and […]

An opportunity of a lifetime. Nearly LOST.

Recently, someone I care deeply about, nearly missed an opportunity that COULD affect their potential future. You know what the error was? Lack of follow-up. Follow-up is something that anyone can do. It doesn’t matter how much (or how little) education you have, it doesn’t discriminate, and it levels the playing field. Here’s another (deeper) […]

Show Me the Money…

The number #1 barrier to getting a business off the ground is fear and I’ve shared tips and solutions on fear of failure and how to overcome this barrier for years. Today, I want to focus on the second biggest barrier to getting a business off the ground. What do you think it is? Money. […]

The 4 Questions For Breakthrough Success

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Trade Your To-Do List For a Success List

When everything feels urgent, everything seems equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being “busy” doesn’t necessarily move you closer to reaching your goals. Successful business owners understand you have to work from a clear sense of priority. The long to-do list can actually lead you away from your goal – not closer to […]

[The Honey Chronicles] Canines & Career …

This morning as I was out walking our new Australian Mini-Labradoodle puppy, Honey, in the light drizzle, I was struck by the similarities of owning a dog and running a business. I was dragging my feet on walking Honey. I’m tired and my hubby is out of town which means I’m 100% in charge of […]

Does Your Business Need a Jolt of Feminine Energy?

If you look closely at what’s happening in the Western world–in politics and gender identity movements, and at work—you may notice that women are receiving more recognition for the unique qualities we bring to the table. Is there a lot more work to do? YES! But it’s time to cheer for all that we’re seeing […]

Quality or Quantity?

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