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Finding Joy Every Day

The Great Elevation Guide

The Great Elevation Guide

  Someone is waiting for your next level of Greatness. Someone needs what ONLY YOU can deliver. If you’re committed to feeling fully alive every day and live with the courage & convictions of your heart, fueling your whole self with faith, then it’s essential that you adopt a set of daily practices & rituals […]

What Does it Mean to Live an ALIGNED Life?

Joy Chudacoff Interview

What does it mean to live an ALIGNED life and why should you care? Trust me. It matters. If you’re hoping that 2023 will bring more meaning, more abundance and more joy into your day, listen in. I had the honor of being interviewed by Andrea Nakayama on her podcast, “The 15-Minute Matrix” and we […]

The Problem with the “Never Ending” Harvest

This is from one of my Instagram LIVES (I’m LIVE every Thursday at 7amPT – grab your coffee and join me!) There’s a lot being asked of us and even the Wall Street Journal devoted a whole section to it this week. This pandemic is affecting women more than any other sector of the population… […]

The Power of ONE

This is from one of my Instagram LIVES (I’m LIVE every Thursday at 7amPT – grab your coffee and join me!) There is power in asking yourself Powerful Clarifying Questions. This video will not only share a question I’ve used in my own business but one that I have shared with all my private clients […]

The Dangers of Canceling 2020

I wanted to share the replay of an Instagram Live I did yesterday. It was spot on for a lot of women entrepreneurs and I didn’t want you to miss this very important message. Click on the video below to listen-in: This is EXACTLY where we’re headed in my private membership group, ALIGN online. We’re […]

‘She’s Got Moxie’ Podcast – Here’s The BEST of 2018…

I hope your holidays have been filled with magical moments. At this time of year, I find myself gravitating to content with the headline “the BEST of.” Whether it’s recipes, restaurants, wine or business, I enjoy consuming the BEST of everything. That’s why I wanted to share The BEST of my ‘She’s Got Moxie’ podcast […]

ONE Mistake Women Entrepreneurs Make When Needing to Scale

There’s one mistake I see happening consistently by women entrepreneurs when they are at a point where they need to scale their business. I talk about this, along with my business turning points in my 28+ years as an entrepreneur, on Eleanor Beaton’s, Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast: The Success Podcast for Ambitious Women in Business. […]

Don’t Throw the Baby Out Just Yet…

While it’s true that some industries are experiencing market saturation, there is a gigantic opportunity for business owners who have a proven track record and are recognized by their followers as an expert in their field.  Plus, IF you’re targeting industries that haven’t been hit over the head every minute of the day with some […]

Show Me the Money…

The number #1 barrier to getting a business off the ground is fear and I’ve shared tips and solutions on fear of failure and how to overcome this barrier for years. Today, I want to focus on the second biggest barrier to getting a business off the ground. What do you think it is? Money. […]

Sound Advice For Women Business Owners and More About My Align Retreat 2017 Today, when I was out taking my morning walk, my mind wandered to a Women’s Business luncheon I recently attended where I overheard someone giving another businesswoman advice about a subject she was obviously not qualified to give. The advice she was sharing was actually scary. I thought, “Geez, I sure hope this woman […]

Are You Talking Yourself Out of Success?

Yesterday, I decided to take myself out to lunch to one of my favorite local sushi restaurants. The tables at this eatery are quite close together so it’s easy (if sometimes uncomfortable) to overhear what your neighbor at the next table is discussing. I happened to sit down next to two men who were deep […]