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Carly Stein – How a Chance Encounter With a European Pharmacist Turned Into The #1 Cold & Flu Product on Amazon

Carly Stein on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest Carly Stein was studying abroad when a bout of chronic tonsillitis sent her to a pharmacy in search of a cure. What she learned was kind of a miracle.

Carly is the CEO and founder of BeeKeeper's Naturals, a company committed to “reinventing the medicine cabinet” through the healing power of bees. Her product for colds & flu is currently #1 on Amazon and she’s been recognized as a game-changing entrepreneur on the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

On today's show, Carly talks about how to build a loyal customer base and a robust social media following, why bees have medicinal properties, how she has overcome her biggest challenges, how she has built an amazing team of loyal and passionate people and much more.


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The amazing thing is that everything is so accessible. Every single one of us can figure it out.” – Carly Stein

Show Notes:

  • The FIRST step she took to give the business traction
  • Her SIMPLE, SIMPLE strategies to build a loyal following and awareness – “I didn’t know anything!”
  • Refreshing, easy to follow grass roots strategies
  • How to use SOCIAL MEDIA to help build your business – she should know. Her Instagram boasts over 100K followers!
  • Why bees have medicinal properties
  • She didn’t allow an inquiry from LinkedIn to throw her; instead she figured it out
  • The MINDSET to adopt when building a new business
  • How Carly overcame the biggest challenge in her business
  • Cash flow tips on how to handle the fluctuation in sales when you are marketing a product
  • Advice she doesn’t agree with in the start-up arena
  • The surprising new app to help with workflow
  • Tips for building a great A+ TEAM

What you're doing at every single step every single day is building muscle memory. The muscle memory that you're building is how to respond to challenges with resilience.” – Carly Stein

Connect with Carly Stein:

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I know that failure is not the end of a line for me. It is just a red flag that is showing me to go a different way.” – Carly Stein