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Carla Green – Why Writing a Book Could Give Your Business a Big BOOST

Carla Green on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Carla Green is the Founder & CEO of Clarity Designworks, a publishing and book design company geared towards supporting entrepreneurs and business leader authors get published.

Carla gives some great examples of the types of books that business owners write, what steps are involved in publishing a book after the writing is complete, and the stigma of self-publishing.

Listen in to learn the ideal number of pages in a book about business, how to get started writing a book, and why you probably need an editor.


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If you don't notice my work that means I've done my job well.” – Carla Green

Show Notes:

  • WHY you should consider writing a book if you’re in business (especially service businesses)
  • The difference between traditional and SELF-publishing (Carla really breaks this down)
  • Carla takes the GUESSWORK out of the ideal number of PAGES in a business book
  • The PROCESS of what happens once the writing is complete
  • The SINGLE Biggest reason an entrepreneur should consider writing a book
  • How to decide what kind of publisher you want to use
  • The “STIGMA” around self-publishing and why it may be costing you money(and clients) to hold on to that belief
  • Tons of TIPS & TRICKS to help you get started writing your book (Carla’s tips were so great, she has almost convinced me to do a SECOND Book!)
  • Why you need a good editor
  • What TYPES of books work best when it comes to business
  • The difference between a MEMOIR and an autobiography
  • THE POST-IT Note approach to writing
  • Carla reveals the ONE THING she has struggled with most as an entrepreneur and how she’s now “recovering”
  • PLUS+ she offers A Self-Publishing Timeline and Checklist for our Listeners!

Even editors need editors.” – Carla Green

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I'm a recovering perfectionist.” – Carla Green