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The Dangers of Canceling 2020

She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Thinking about “canceling 2020?” I invite you to reconsider.

This episode is from an Instagram LIVE I did last week about the “dangers of canceling 2020.” There was such an overwhelming response that I decided to make it into a podcast episode.





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Entrepreneurship is not just about freedom and flexibility, entrepreneurship is about your willingness to solve problems and the quest to make your impact.” – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • 3 Specific Reasons why staying the course in this last quarter is Key to your business
  • A Personal Story from 1997 that I feel sure you’ll resonate with and how “canceling” would have cost me BIG
  • Why your Leadership is more important now than ever
  • Why it’s risky to play the “When/Then” game

In this last quarter of the year, you may stumble onto the best next thing in your business.” – Joy Chudacoff

Links Mentioned:

Leaders lead when things are at the absolute worst.” – Joy Chudacoff